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What do people say about Redwood Area Camp's CampMeeting?

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Thank you to everyone that came out to the Memorial Day Weekend Workbee!!!!!

We had a blast and got a LOT done, from grounds work including trees, branches, weeds, etc to vehicle repairs!

Food please?

This is tentative information :

Cafeteria - The area Pathfinders are planning to provide the Lunch (Burger Bar) and Dinner (alternate Burger Bar and Cafeteria Dinner) during campmeeting, (July 24-28). We are not planning on it during pre-camp.

Camp Store - The is a plan to have the store open for the staples only.

Got some extra blood? The Northern California Community Blood Bank for Humboldt County could really use it again this year! As you can see, we have some competition from last year!!!

We are ON for 2023 Redwood Area Campmeeting!

Sunday, July 23 at 6:30PM
Sabbath, July 29 at around 10:00PM

Cafeteria and Store are a GO!!!!!!
NEW - ABC is a GO!!!!!! -  NEW
Opal Singer is running Division 1.
Barbara  Thompson is taking on Division 2.
Coreena Blum is taking on Division 4.
Larry Graack is mastering Primary.
Zach Reiber is guiding Juniors.
Tim McMillen is herding Earliteen.
Jesse Malin is corralling Youth.
Vince Saunders is directing Young Adult.

Roger Williams will be having his eye over everything keeping us safe.

Eddie Heinrich is bringing Summer on the Run!!!!!!! 

We have three speakers for Pepperwood!
Gary Venden will be taking the early morning slot (8:30).
Roger Hernandez for the first half of the week (10:30 and 7:00).
Dr. Ranko Stefanovic for the second half (10:30 and 7:00.

NEW - Margie Salcedo Rice will be blessing us with her
violin, her voice and her testimony Sabbath afternoon

NEW - A memorial for Neville and Dorothy Price will be held right after Margi's concert.
We will have a time for sharing for those who have special memories.

NEW - And the Hispanic division has Luis Fernando Manrique!

Margie Salcedo Rice

We split up the "things to see" to have Services, Tourism, and Things to see and do

We will continue updating as we know more.

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