Did you know you can order from the ABC, and Sal will bring it up for during camp in July?

That's right - you can go to the ABC website (www.adventistbookcenter.com) and figure out what you want to order, then either call Sal or email with the order. Once it's paid, they will bring it up.

Some of us are more than a $100 tank of gas, so it's harder or go down to visit the ABC in Sacramento.

Remember the old days when we had thousands here and the ABC had a full staff and they brought all manner of books, canned goods, frozen foods, albums (what in the world is an album) and tapes (what!) and CDs... They don't have that staffing to manage that and we have such a reduced "buying power" with fewer campers, it doesn't make sense to haul tons of goods up and then have to  haul it all back.

This alternative gets you the warm fuzzy of going home with a train load of goods.

So go to the website, make a list of the hundred or more things you want, then call the ABC in Sacramento (1-916-486-7730) or send an email to sacramento.abc@nccsda.com.

NOTE ordering online is not the same thing as doing the phone call or email. If you do the order online that's like going to Amazon. You could, of course, use the camp address for the delivery but that's just not the same thing.

Then once things are arranged and paid for, they will be collected and loaded in the vehicle to come up just for you.

You can always say Harry sent you. :-) It won't get you anything special, but you will smile.